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Did you know?
  Mental Health is not just the absence of Mental Illness
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Report on Mental Health: New Understanding, New Hope, 2001
National Institute of Mental Health, 2001

Care coordination is guided by the wraparound philosophy that emphasizes “empowering families.” This is defined under the following value base: Building on strengths to meet needs; one family- one plan; Best fit with culture and preferences; Community based responsiveness; increased parent choice and family independence; Care for youth in the context of their families; and never giving up.

Wraparound is not a service or program; rather, it is a definable process that results in a unique set of community services and natural supports that are individualized for a child and family to achieve a positive set of outcomes. The Care Coordinator will work with the provider community to develop responsive and flexible resources that facilitate community-based interventions and supports that correspond with the needs of the families and their children and youth. The care coordination using a wraparound philosophy enable timely response to the needs of all family members across several life domains, incorporates formal and informal supports, and develops realistic intervention strategies that complement the child’s natural environment.

Care Coordinators assist the youth and family with accessing strength-based mental health, social services, educational services, and other supports and resources required to assist the family to attain its vision. They help the family identify natural supports that exist for the family, and work with families to maintain youth in the least restrictive environment possible. Care Coordinators monitor the provision and quality of these services in conjunction with the family.

Wraparound Maryland, Inc. actualizes the values and commitments of the State of Maryland, System of Care reform efforts by having as its core values the following:

  • Wraparound Maryland believes caregivers and youth should be partners in all aspects of the service delivery system;
  • Wraparound Maryland values community life and community solutions that maintain the integrity of the family;
  • Wraparound Maryland is dedicated to providing outcome driven supports and services with high levels of accountability and quality which is offered to all families without exception;
  • Wraparound Maryland supports an individualized, creative service delivery model; and
  • Wraparound Maryland believes the power of giving is greater than the power of receiving.

Wraparound Maryland does not espouse a one size fits all philosophy. Instead, we partner with our families to provide opportunities for growth and change which capitalize on a family’s strengths rather than point out weaknesses. Our philosophy is proactive to encourage families to take care of themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and socially.